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New cooperation between STUWO and ESN Austria:

One free month for exchange students

The search for high-quality student accommodation has become increasingly difficult in recent years, especially for exchange students who often only need accommodation in Austria for a few months. An exclusive cooperation between the non-profit student accommodation provider STUWO and the Erasmus Student Network Austria now provides a remedy. International students can stay in STUWO student residences for one month free of charge.

Around 3,800 students from over 43 countries currently live in the modern student dorms of STUWO - the second largest student accommodation provider in Austria. Due to the internationalisation of higher education, the company has recorded a strong increase in international students, especially in recent years. Today about 50 percent of the residents  are internationals. More than half of them are from the European Union.

Stay for five months, get one of them free of charge

Those who want to live comfortably are often confronted with higher housing prices. This makes the cooperation between STUWO and ESN Austria all the more relevant. Exchange students can book places in STUWO student residences for the winter and/or summer semester and only have to pay for four instead of five months per semester. "As a non-profit student accommodation provider, we offer quality at an affordable price and are aware of our social responsibility. The free month in our dorms is an important financial support for many exchange students", says board member Diethard Hochhauser. At the same time we want to attract even more international students to Austria through this exclusive offer. "We know that a thriving community is of particular importance to these young people.

Through meeting zones as well as numerous internal events and leisure activities, we address this need and create recreation areas for the urban life in our student residences,” says board member Florian Huemer.


First come, first served

The president of ESN Austria, José Ramon Sabogal Hernandez, is also enthusiastic about the offer: “The search for affordable student accommodation is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for exchange students who only come for a few months. Through our partnership with STUWO AG, we reduce the financial burden for international students and facilitate their search for quality accommodation so they can make the most of their stay in Austria.“

Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, whereby the first month of the booked period of the winter or summer semester is free of charge.

Note: further information on this exclusive offer will be published soon on our website and social media.


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