Join us for the ultimate skiing & snowboarding event and 3 days of skiing, partying, and having real ESN fun!

From Friday the 20th of March to Sunday the 22nd of March you will have the chance to go skiing in the Styrian Alps together with 180 Exchange Students from all over Austria. The event will take place in the ski resort Altaussee in the northern area of the beautiful province of Styria, right in the central heart of Austria. To learn more about the ski area, check out the official website and have a look at the ski map.

What's included

Transportation to Altaussee (with the bus directly to the hostel)
2 nights of accommodation in the JUFA Hotel
2-day Ski Pass
All you can drink Party
Breakfast & dinner (all you can eat buffet)
(Sauna and Spa)


around 180€ (depends on your ESN section)


Ski/Snowboard rental: 17€ per day
Ski/Snowboard lessons: 20€ for 1 day / 30€ for 2 days

Evening Program

1st day: Party at Altaussee's Clubs and Bars
2nd day: All you can drink Motto Party + Party at Altaussee's Clubs and Bars

You need to bring

Skiing wear
Skiing glasses
whatever personal belongings you need


Contact your local ESN section to book your ticket!


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20/03/2015 to 22/03/2015
approx. 180 Euro