In order to join ESN Austria and thus, ESN International, you have to proceed with the following steps.


1. Get a team

To create a section you first need a group of enthusiastic people who wish to dedicate time to ESN and like to take care of international students at your university. A good way to find interested people is by engaging your friends, placing an advertisement in the university newspaper or distributing flyers. Another source of contacts is the administration at your university and especially the International Office and Student Union. They have access to the student’s email addresses and can help you with recruiting members.


2. Cooperation with your university

It is much easier to work as a Section in ESN, when you have the support from your International Student Office of the university. Usually, they are willing to put you in contact with visiting international students, help you with financing, getting office, and finding a place to host the activities.


3. Help and support from your National Board

To help you with creating your Section you can contact the National Board of ESN Austria. They will give you any needed advice, put you in contact with already existing Sections and help you to become formally a Member Section of ESN.


4. Send your application

Fill in the following application form with all the necessary data. Send it to [email protected]. Please remember that we need the form in advance to the National Assembly on which we will discuss your candidacy. Our NAs take place in January/February, June/July and October/November every year. The dates vary so we recommend to get in touch with us in advance.


5. Approval as a section

During our NA, you will be able to present your Candidate Section and answer the questions of Board members and full Member Sections. The plenum will then vote on approving your membership. If the vote reaches a 2/3 majority, you are officially a member of ESN Austria!


6. Further steps

If your membership has been approved, the NB will forward this information to the International Level. Following this, you will receive a digital Section Package and a physical Welcome Package by mail.


Welcome to ESN! We are looking forward to working with you!